Shankar 2.0: The Success Story of a Gentleman

Tamil cinema is flourishing day by day due to presence of fascinating filming locations, stunning graphics and excellent acting skills of artists. Withal, the success story of Tamil cinema industry would not be completed without paying homage to its passionate directors and producers. Today, Clapbord is going to share the success journey of one of the most famous Tamil filmmakers, S Shankar with you.

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Shankar is well-known for directing most expensive films of Indian movie industry and his full name is Shankar Shanmugam. Shankar 2.0 will be his identity in future because of his upcoming movie, named as 2.0, whose main role is played by superstar Rajinikanth who is one of the most popular Indian film actors. Similarly, you would also see the Bollywood hero Akshay Kumar in the role of Dr Richard in 2.0. Shankar became one of the best directors in India because of unique and attractive work in all the movies directed by him. He is also a pioneer who led films on the concept of “Vigilante Conduct” in an extraordinary manner.

Early Life

Shankar Shanmugam was born on August 17, 1963, in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu India. Before he gets into the film industry, he completed his diploma in Mechanical engineering. He hooked up himself with the film industry as a screenwriter under S. A. Chandrasekhar. Once S. A. Chandrasekhar saw him with his team’s act on a stage drama show, and he was impressed by his work. Despite, Shankar chose to be a director instead of an actor. That choice of Shankar was the turn in his life that made his way to the career in direction.

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He started his career as an assistant director to the S. A. Chandrasekhar and Pavithran. In 1993, he exposed his skills with his directional debut of Gentleman. The movie took a huge budget at that time and became a blockbuster in the history. A. R. Rehman, a famous music composer, continued to work with Shankar for upcoming movies

Era of Struggle

After the successful direction of the movie, ‘Gentleman’, Shankar has to show his hard work in the upcoming movies to become an iconic director in the film industry of India. The competition was very tough. However, he started directing more movies with his full struggle to win the race of direction in great India. After the direction of Kadhalan and a few other films, he worked on a movie, Jeans, which was the most expensive movie in the Indian cinema that was costing 200 Million Rupees. The movie, Jeans, became the highest grossing Tamil film that was the fruit of hard work of Shankar. Then, the era of the success of Shankar started, and he became the star in the film industry.

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After the massive success in Tamil films, the era of his success started, and he decided to move to Hindi movies. He directed his first Bollywood movie, Nayak, which was declared as Flop. His debut in the Bollywood movies flopped. Then, he started working on a science fiction movie, Robot that could not be completed because of cost issues. After huge losses then, he turned back with another Tamil movie, Anniyan, and it was the second highest grossing Tamil movie.

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Era of Success

Every journey of struggle has an end to the destination of success. Shankar moved on even after lousy response on his some movies, but he did not lose his hope. Nevertheless, he got another chance to get up again in a new way. He teamed up with Rajinikanth and AVM Productions, and he directed the most expensive movie, Sivaji – The Boss, whose cost was 600 Million Rupees. After the release of the film, it became the highest grossing movie in the Tamil cinema. Anyhow, he started considered as the successful director in India. He made many successful movies and the remake of Hindi movies to Tamil like Nanban, that was the remake of 3 Idiots and many others.

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Most Successful Movies

The first movie of Shankar, Gentleman, was one of the most successful movies by himself, he got positive reviews on his debut movie, and he gained the hope in his career in the starting because of this blockbuster movie. Kadhalan was another one of the most successful productions of Shankar and A. R. Rehman, which is one of the best composers in India, made the music of the movie. The film received four natural film awards because of hard work and struggled in this movie by the whole team. Anniyan was the movie that hit the peak after the flop of his few movies in the industry.

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Enthiran was, no doubt, the best movie of Shankar in the history starring the great Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai in the film. Enthiran was one of the highest grossing movies and won many film awards. Sivaji – The Boss, was again the blockbuster movie starring Rajinikanth directed by Shankar and a blockbuster picture in the Tamil cinemas. Rajinikanth became a super-star, and most of his recent successful films were made with the direction of Shankar . His upcoming movie 2.0 is also considered a big hit in Indian cinema.

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Awards Won by Shankar 

Shankar  won many awards in his career because of his extraordinary work in his movies. He won Filmfare Awards for Best Director for his Tamil movies in 1994, 1995, 2006 and 2007. He won a National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil in 2008. He won Vijay Award for Favorite Director, in 2011 for the movie, Enthiran. He also won Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan Award for Excellence in Indian Cinema in 2014.

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Upcoming Projects of Shankar

2.0 is the upcoming movie that is being directed and written by Shankar. This science-fiction movie is next version of Robot. The cast of the movie stares the Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar. The trailer of the movie gained millions of views in a few days, it is going to be a blockbuster movie by Shankar, and the release date is November 29, 2018. This movie will be released in Hindi and Tamil and will also be translated into other 13 languages of the World. The movie is going to be one of the best movies of Shankar again with the collaboration of Rajinikanth.

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