10 of the Best Free Screenwriting Software

Screenwriting Software created a massive trend in the market to complete the draft with extraordinary results by using the utilities offered by that software. These are word processor software specialized for writing screenplays and provides the feature of formatting the document to make them ready for production. There are many screenwriting software, but the beginners always try to find the most inexpensive or free screenwriting software to start their career without a hefty budget.

Although, the screenwriters always have a dream to work in a professional environment, however, in the starting, everyone has some issues regarding money. Fortunately, there are several promising software available on the internet with useful utilities for the screenwriters without any cost. The list of free but professional screenwriting software is given below with the features provided by the producers.


Celtx is one of the most popular screenwriting software available for the writers because of its effectiveness and efficiency. This application can be used for all kind of production projects like films, documentaries, games, etc. It provides the feature of formatting the document and also contains the real-time collaboration. It has two versions, one is free, and other is paid. If a beginner wants to work on any screenwriting software without having the budget so, he can work on the free version of Celtx with all features those are required for a writer. This software works for Windows, Mac and provides the apps on iOS and Android.


Causality is one of the most revolutionary screenwriting apps in the industry because of its new updates in its application. It is a free application for the writers to edit their scripts according to the screenplays. It provides a complete environment to modify the script according to the screenplay. It formats the texts written by the writer and then, the user can work on the production through visual representation on this screenwriting software and its utilities. By using this application, the production becomes more natural after the documentation is done according to the screenplay.


WriterDuet is an open-source screenwriting software for the people that provide more facilities than an ordinary screenwriting software. This screenwriting software offers the formatting feature that is the most useful thing in screenwriting software. It provides the services of real-time collaboration, means more than one person can work on the software simultaneously. It also supports the feature of a highlighter that helps to add emoticon at a specific scene and also helps to focus on some unique scene. However, it is a free screenwriting software and provides most useful utilities that a common free screenwriting software cannot offer.


Story Touch is another free screenwriting software that is used by most of the writers to format and edit the script for screenplays. This software provides the services of screenwriting software with structural and dynamic analysis, provides the graph for rhythm and tone. It also balances the occurrences of characters in the screenplay. If a writer does not have any idea about screenplays then, this software is most useful to use without any cost. It also helps to manage characters in the screenplay efficiently.  This application can be used for windows as well as for Linux.


Plotbot is an easy and straightforward screenwriting application that allows everyone to use its services free of cost. It also provides the services of formatting as every other screenwriting software offers, however, it also provides the services of importing of screenplays by using the utility of copy & paste. It is one of the easiest screenwriting software to use. Plotbot is a web-based application, and any user must require an Internet connection to use its utilities.


DramaQueen Free is a basic version of this screenwriting software and automatically activated by the launcher whenever the trial version ends. This software is free for the whole lifetime, and a free version meets the requirements needed by the writer to move towards production. This free screenwriting software provides the facility of formatting with perfection and manages the workflow with script notes, characters, scene titles, and other things. The unique characteristic of this software is that it imports and exports all popular formats of documents.


BPC Screenplay is a professional and free screenwriting software that is designed and produced for the ease of scriptwriters. This software was developed in Berlin especially for Microsoft, and it is one of the most popular screenwriting software that costs nothing. The feature of BPC Screenplay that makes it unique from other applications is that it provides the animatic visualization of the script while the scriptwriters write their script on it. It helps the writers to address the flaws in the writing. The reporting of characters, locations, scenes, and other things also helps to make an interesting scenario for the play.


Page 2 Stage is a basic screenwriting software that is available free of cost on the Internet. It provides the formatting in common script formats and a complete desktop reporting solution. It delivers the features of auto tags in the application, and the most useful thing in this screenwriting software is that it does not require knowledge about the app to use, i.e. easy to use.


Trelby is an open-source screenwriting software that provides the features to write screenplays by using the services provided by the Trelby app without any cost. This app can be used on both operation systems, Windows and Linux. This software is an updated version of Blyte. The features of this app contain the reporting of characters, locations, scenes, etc. The scriptwriter can export in HTML, PDF and other popular formats in this free screenwriting software.


DubScript is another free screenwriting software that provides the services to meet the needs of the writer according to the screenplay. This software reads the document in final draft form and gives the output in multiple extensions, i.e. pdf, etc. DubScript is a mobile-based software for reading and writing the scripts. It provides the basic utilities but compatible with other applications and editors.


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