Europe is probably the one of the most beautiful continents on the surface of this planet. Europe is well known for its history and beauty that’s why it is always the first attention for the tourists as well as the artists and filmmakers. Europe is a supreme and traditional part of the Earth if we consider it for filming locations. Therefore, the shooting of many famous movies has done in Europe.

England – Harry Potter

Harry Potter is one of the most popular movies all across World and earned a considerable value in the film industry not only because of the story but also from the places chosen for shooting. England is one of the most historic and supreme countries because of its development, beauty, and history. Australia House considered as Gringotts Wizarding Bank and interior of the Australia House filmed as the Wizard Bank and many other beautiful places of England were used as shooting locations of Harry Potter Series.

Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom – Robin Hood

Robin Hood, a superhero movie, filmed in the Pembrokeshire that is well known by the beauty of its beaches. The title of “Best Beach of Europe” awarded to the Pembrokeshire. That’s why Welsh Beach of this ideal place was shot in the Robin Hood movie starring the Russell Crowe. If anyone wants to visit the essential coasts then, it is the best place to visit.

Scotland – Braveheart

Braveheart is the movie about a patriot who is spurred to revolt against the English. The movie won five Oscars in 1996 that shows the success of the movie. The movie is filmed in Scotland, a beautiful and iconic place for the shooting of the movie especially the movies about old wars. The scenes shot in Scotland are around Mamore Mountains and Glen Nevis.

Paris – Inception

Paris, France is one of the most beautiful cities all across World because of its never-ending beauty, its culture and the matchless places that always first comes in the mind of filmmakers before they chose filming places for movies. Eiffel Tower is the most famous place that also filmed in the film, Inception. Moreover, the Pont de Bir-Hakeim is the bridge that served as river crossing to the locals before one hundred years, but now, it became the superstar bridge.