Everybody is using different methods to overcome the loss in their life, I choose short films to change my mind from my problems.


I used my passion as driving force for my life, Most of us made our first short film from our personal experiences. I am not exceptional for that. 

I bought new camera and started capturing some beautiful moments in my life, which helped me to make others happy. 

After sometime I went one step ahead and wrote a script for short film with help of my friends and decided to do cinematography and editing by own. 

I already know some basic concept of premiere software, which helped me to do editing for my film. 

I used my own EOS 600 camera for my film. After lot of hard work and sacrifice, I made my first short film. 

As a beginner its very difficult to satisfy others but I am fully satisfied with the content which I have handled. 

In the production value, I don't want to take any risk. I never used any professional technicians for my film. I used my first short film as test drive.

Once I done with my film, I don't know what to do with that film, Because I don't know whom I have made that film, whether the film is for festival or for general audience.

If it's for festival I don't know how to submit, if its for general audience I don't know how to promote my film. Then I saw one post regarding a short film festival in facebook. Then I send my movie link to them. After 3 months I got an email from festival coordinator that my short film was selected for final round.

I got surprised because I know that my film don't have the good production value but it was selected because of the content and the hard work which we put for that film.

That moment induced  me to continue my passion. Till now I have directed 5 short films and got 5 different awards for my short films. Social media is helping the people like me to promote their films.

I will try to convey some good messages to my audience in every film. As a director, I should have some social responsibility. 

If my passion is helping to convey some messages to my society then it will make me happy.

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