Artificially intelligent script analysis & financial forecasts. Bringing data science to filmed entertainment.
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Research shows that about 87% of movie projects actually lose money instead of creating a profit. ScriptBook’s goal is to help profitable films become the rule and no longer the exception.

How it works?

The system works like this: ScriptBook users upload a PDF file of a screenplay into the system. Within 48 Hrs they receive a detailed analysis of the project that, among other things: predicts the MPAA rating, analyzes its characters, detecting the protagonists and antagonists; assesses the emotions of each character; predicts the target audience, including gender and race; and, most importantly, makes box office predictions.

Use Case

Passengers: An analysis by ScriptBook

Using our Script2Screen-technology, we performed full analysis on the “Passengers” script in September 2015. Keep in mind that at the time this film project was still in “pre-production” stage. Using only the film script as input for our analysis, we predicted that “Passengers” would earn $118.1M at the US box office. Box Office Mojo reported that “Passengers” earned a total of $100M at the US box office.



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