Help Topics

  1. How to post jobs?

To post jobs in, you must create a company (Business info) first. It is not required to own a legal company to create a new company in is required to identify and provide details of your establishment.

Steps to create a company:

  • In the JOBS menu, select the add button (+ symbol in a green dot)
  • Press "Create Your Company."
  • In the add company page provide your company details in corresponding fields (* marked fields are mandatory fields)
  • You can choose to PUBLISH or SAVE AS DRAFT. The company is available to post jobs only when it is made public.
  • In the subsequent tabs enter further details, upload photo and logo (If available)
  • It is also possible to add your colleagues as admin to manage the Company in Clapbord. Please go to the tab ADMINS and add another clapbord user. The relevant permissions can be provided in the "MANAGE PERMISSION" tab 

Steps to Post Job(s):

  • In the JOBS menu, select the add button (+ symbol in a green dot)
  • Press "Create New Jobs" and fill the required job details
  • Select Free package (Trial period)
  • Choose "SAVE AS DRAFT or PUBLISH."Only Published jobs are available for public 

How to track the applications submitted for your posted jobs:

  • Tracking of job applications is easy in navigate to the company you selected and go to the tab Jobs in the bottom of the page.
  • For every job, a small gear symbol shown on the right-hand side. Select the gear wheel and press "View Application."
  • You can download resume, view application, reject or pass.